Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MacGyver to the Rescue!

Oh home ownership how you are becoming a bad taste in my mouth.  And a mess on my floor, & a burden on the wallet & the testing of my sanity!  

The water leak.  A pinhole in the hot water line to the master bathroom upstairs finally let it's presence be known.  Late one evening we noticed a bulge in the kitchen ceiling.  What's that about?  Don't know?  Let's poke at it.  Ok. 
Can we please have just ONE project at a time?  No, of course not, don't be silly. 

This was quite a freak-out moment for Dan & I.  Granny, she was clueless & banking on it being a reason to send her back to the farm on her own.  Yeah, right.  

Well, thank goodness MacGyver showed up & helped us with this awesome funnel rig.
Luckily Dan & I are well trained . . . Ok, adequate enough at plumbing, we were able to repair the pipe.  

The ceiling?  Well, we were at a loss on that one.  We surfed the internet & talked about bead board.  My parent's have beautiful bead board ceilings in their addition with faux beams which Dan & I both agreed looked great.  But, could we really pull this off?  

It took me a few days (while Dan was at work) to pull down most of the ceiling in the kitchen & above the cabinets. Yeah, there is drywall over/on top of the cabinets. It sucked.  

Luckily, none of the wood joists were wet, but we still let everything dry out for at least a week while we bought supplies & planned out this new adventure.

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