Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Birds & the Bees . . . & the Critters

This Spring & Summer so far has really been all about the Birds & the Bees & the Critters!  

With the yard & garden flourishing this year thanks to mother nature, the number of birds, bees & critters are on the rise.  

One reason we believe the birds & critters have been so numerous is because of the locally produced bird seed we have switched to.  Cole's Wild Bird Seed is locally produced in Kennesaw & distributed throughout the United States.  We purchase our seed at The Bird Watcher's Supply Co. which is also owned by Cole's Wild Bird Seed.  The seed quality & variety are incredible & the proof is in the busy feeder out back!  Not only do they sell bird seed, but they have a wide selection of feeders, books, & critter food!  I love me some squirrels & chipmunks ya'll, this is a known fact, but I have never seen such critter activity in our back yard in the 5 years we've lived here!  The pictures don't lie!
Old Chubs here is loving the Critter Feed

Black Capped Chickadees galore 

The newest critter to visit is really trying to fit that pecan in

Eastern Bluebirds - nothing better than those beauties 

While shopping at The Bird Watcher's Supply Co. we stumbled upon these great Squirrel Bungee Feeders.  The squirrels can't get enough of this stuff & it is hilarious to watch them jump, hang & dangle upside down on this silly contraption.  

Also, we discovered that The Bird Watcher's Supply Co. has a vast collection of bird feeders with some actually MADE IN THE USA!  We purchased this all recycled material, made in the USA feeder & the birds love it . . . I know, that is NOT a bird enjoying the feeder.  Let's get to that.  

One of the best seeds & really the only actual Cole's Wild Birdseed we buy is called BLAZING HOT BLEND.  I was reluctant at first, but read that birds do not have the heat/taste receptors we do (or squirrels).  The birds were lined up waiting for the feeder after filling it up with the Blazing Hot Blend.  

Just how hot is it?  

Dan decided he would taste HALF of a Sunflower kernel.  Well, he was soon in tears & chugging water!  It only takes one time for the sly squirrels to get a really hot kernel & they're off.  This guy soon realized that this junk was HOT! 

Finally, the Bees.  We have had our fair share of Carpenter Bees, but the variety of sizes & species this year in the Bees are definitely on the up & up.  They particularly love the Lavender, Echinacea/Cone Flower, and the Lantana.

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